MIC Maiyo Coater

MLC High Speed MAIYO Coater:PM-9040MC

It is the test coater which can carry out uniformly a little a braid, wire bars, applications, and short dwelling coating in a short time with a sample, and can perform hot air drying and infrared drying.

Hot-blast generating machine
Hot blast temperature: from a room temperature to 250 degrees (by a discharge-jet mouth)
Heating capacity :AC200V30kW, 20 kW, 2Type
Infrared heater : 7 kW

Coating stand
Outside diameter size : 246x366 mm
Effective coating surface product : 210x340
Coating stand mat : Silicon rubber plate
Mat size : 242x362x10t

Coater head
Braid, Wire bar, Short dwelling bar, Applicator
Coating speed  : A maximum of 200 m/min

Power source  :AC200V, 220V and 380V, 400V 3φ 50 / 60 Hz
Air :0.5Mpa
Exhaust port :φ150, φ 125


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