High Shear Viscometer

High Shear Viscometer:PM9002HV


It is a cylinder type rotational viscometer which measures the viscosity at the time of high shearing to high-speed coating, such as paper manufacture coating color.

The torque transmitted to a cup from a liquid by paying data to a cup and rotating a bob is measured, and high shearing viscosity is measured.

Data performs real-time measurement processing with a personal computer, and processes in an instant, such as a shear rate, apparent viscosity, apparent viscosity, a collapse coefficient, an application aptitude index, and Thixotropy.


Maximum shear rate:1.6×e5/sec
Maximum Torque:6.86×10e6dyn.cm
Acceleration time:10、20、30、40sec
Power Supply:AC100V、AC200V1φ50/60Hz15A


The floor price in Japan is realized.
Connection also with the disk top type personal computer of Excel and the stock (option) which can be interlocked is possible in data processing.

It corresponds to Windows Xp and 2000.

Computerization of the quantity shearing-die viscosity meter of the other company and an overhaul procedure are heard.


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