Smart Tabletop Coater

Smart tabletop coater finally appeared

It is easy to use mainly for prototyping applications of secondary batteries, and it can be installed anywhere on the table, lab bench or tool wagon.

The person who has done coating by hand until now can be a master of coating immediately by mechanizing. Even if you are considering automation for the first time, why not try out the conditions with a small coater before mechanization in the future with pricing that is easy to introduce?

Size of Smart tabletop coater TC-100

Please look at this equipment size first.

W220mm x D352mm H216mm.

The weight is about 8 kg, which makes it easy for women to carry.

If it is a desktop coater TC-100, which has been miniaturized to this point, the installation location is no longer an option. The equipment can be moved easily, so you can put it away when not in use and put it back in use.

Of course, it can be placed in the drafter or glove box, so it can be placed where you want it to be placed.

It is a very small coater that can be used in the drafter even in anaerobic environments such as fuel cells.

The size of this coated glass is W160mm x D200mm.

Therefore, the maximum coating area that can be coated is W100 mm × D 160 mm.

50mm square and 100mm square can be easily made with TC-100.

In the past, even small-sized prototypes had only large devices, and even small samples required large devices. However, the appearance of the TC-100 makes it easy to make small samples.

The holes in the glass are the suction part of the suction disc mounted as standard.

For a small coater, a vacuum suction board is standard installation!

As for coated glass used as a coated surface plate, the vacuum suction board, which has been sold as an optional part, will be installed as standard on this TC-100.

Up to now, the method for fixing the substrate has been performed using the supplied clips and tapes, but the time taken for the installation of the substrate is so long as the substrate is just placed for 1 second.

By installing a vacuum suction board as standard, it can be purchased and used immediately, without selecting many options.

Easy operation Anyone can be a coating professional

The operation is very easy.

Just turn the knob to set the speed, just press the COAT button.

You can be a coating professional just by yourself.

When coating is complete, remove the coating jig and press the HOME button to complete.

When using a vacuum suction board, it is possible to fix the substrate just by pressing VUCCUM ON / OFF.

I can do it.

Coating jig and procedure of Smart tabletop coater TC-100

The tabletop coater TC-100 can be equipped with an A-Bar 250 mm wide bar. Please see the A-Bar standard from the attached below. A-Bar can be easily installed with one touch. doing. The loading condition is as the left image.

Please see the standard table from the following.

☆ ★ A-Bar size list ★ ☆ Please see here.

C-type applicator

The C-type applicator can be applied in 4 different film thickness conditions by using 4 sides.

The current handling is as a standard specification

· 100 μm · 200 μm · 300 μm · 400 μm

· 50 μm · 100 μm · 150 μm · 200 μm

※ We are preparing for sale now.

The variable applicator for TC-100 is complete!

The applicator for TC-100 has an effective coating width of about 120 mm, and the slit adjustment plate has been changed from the spring type to the magnet type.

As a result, the slit adjustment plate, which was removed using a tool during cleaning, can now be removed by pulling it by hand, and cleaning has become dramatically easier.

The new applicator can be used with the TC-100, but can also be used with the TC-3.

Smart tabletop coater TC-100 explanatory video

The usage and features of the desktop coater TC-100, as well as the size and handling of the device, etc., are summarized in an easy-to-understand video.

We also posted how to use A-Bar and Applicator equipment, so please take a look.

※I'm sorry Video is japanese only 

Specifications of Smart Tabletop Coater TC-100

Item nameSmart Tabletop Coater
Machine size(W)220mm×(D)352mm(H)216mm
Coating speed0.2~85mm/sec
Maximum coating length100mm
Maximum coating size160mm×100mm
Usable coating jigA-Bar / Baker Applicator / S-type Applicator / Variable Applicator / Third-party Coating Jig
utilityAC100-240V 200VA

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