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Fusion of a humanity and technology and it are the 

eternal dreams of the Mitsui electricity energy machine.


Since it begins to record what man says as history, progress of the technology which man has searched for does not know until now the place which now remains.
Today's prosperity is the result of man being successful and mastering by the success a long time ago, and is raised by mental attitude which rests and continues creating challenge soul and what is always new.
This is also just a theme of a from, when our company as a specialist of the industry began foundation.
State-of-the-art technology is taken in promptly, and the product development which the originality which is proud of high precision and hi reliability is full of is tackled.
However, even if it is in the however advanced environment in practice, if technology contributes to people and man is not in it, technology does not progress.
That technology approaches and harmonizes with man considers me to be future technology.
A humanity must attract attention just from the time when hard was substantial.
The Mitsui electricity energy machine continues having a dream to the future of this point aiming at "fusion of a humanity and technology."

Representative director   President   Hayakawa   Kazushige

Corporate Profile

Company NameMitsuiElectric Co.,Ltd
PresidentKazushige Hayakawa
Main Office Adress233-10,Nishisangao,Nodacity,Chiba pref.,278-0015,Japan
EstablishmentFebruary 1 1967
Capital10,000,000.- Japanese Yen
BusinessScientific instruments manufacture and sale
Lab coating Machine manufacture and sale
Experimental development machine plan and manufacture and sale
Employeessixteen Persons
Qualty ManagementAttestation ISO9001 since October 2006

We operate a quality management system in order to provide a product that you are able to satisfy our customers, we aim to our customers in a reliable company.

Since 10,October,2006  ISO9001  Registration number : JMAQA-2084

Corporate History

MITSUI`s establishes in Abiko City, Chiba. And design and development,Manufacture and sales for the"Ac Voltage Slider, Dc Centrifugation Motor, Pump" by the thyristor.
Development of manufacturer plant using high-speed micro commutator motor, manufacture of tabletop centrifuge.
1973Manufacture and sales of high-speed mixing equipment
1980Move our company from Abiko city to Noda city
1981Development of high-speed rotational control system and high-flex inductive motor using high-flex transistor inverter.
1984Design and development, manufacture of spray-dryer and atomizer equipments
1986Design and development of the test equipment for IC-Card
1987Design and development, manufacture of printing test equipment and paper applicable test equipment for simulation.
1989Development and manufacture of gate roll coater (Single paper type) using paper printing applicable test equipment for simulation
1990Development and manufacture of centrifugal accelerator based on Military Standard method ;[Consortium R&D Projects for regional revitalization, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan]

Development of high-pressure pump viscometer

1993Development and manufacture of oil and sludge separator using a special centrifugal method.
1996Development and manufacture of high-speed print applicable test equipment using can print for simulation

Development and manufacture of Ultrasonic Homogenizer

2000Design and development of vacuum mixing plant using an electrode catalyst for the fuel cell, and coating system, roll press equipment.
2001Material's physical research using Ultra-sonic wave wire bonding
(Joint research project)     *Chiba Industry Advancement Center
2003Development of electric energy storage system using Electric Double Layer Capacitor. (NEDO Project)
    *Clemson University, South Carolina in USA  *Institute of Research and Innovation

Design and development of Lab-scale transferable equipment and analyze distortion of stress. (Nano imprint project)
    *Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science

Development and Installation of extractive equipment for Dioxins.

    *In exchange of the "Soxhlet extraction"  *Setsunan University,SMT Co.,Ltd

Development of an organ slice equipment to analyze 3-D structure and functional of glycoprotein sugar chains using X-Lay Diffraction (XRD).
    *Faculty of Science, Chiba University
2004Development and manufacture of automatic coating equipment
2005Development and Installation, Sales of Nano-Imprint equipment/Lithography Technologies
    *Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science

Development and Installation, sales of "Syringe Mix"and "NANO MIX"for Emulsion
    *Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science  *BORON JAPAN CO.,LTD , TLO of Tokyo University of Science
2006Completion of New building

ISO9001:2000 Certification

Design and development of Bio-Sensor equipments for Smell,[Consortium R&D Projects for regional revitalization, Science &
Technology Foundation in Japan](Smell detector dog model)
    *Chiba Industry Advancement Center *Tokatsu Techno Plaza
2007Development and Installation, Evaluation test of medium motor with Two way-oriented electrical (Silicon) steel [Consortium R&D Projects for regional revitalization, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan]
    *Chiba Industry Advancement Center *Tokatsu Techno Plaza
2008Mitsui electric coating machine was authorized by the goods of craftsmanship authorization of Chibaprefecture.
2009It has been commended by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,"small and medium enterprises 300 companies for Japanese".
2010took part in the study of the roll-in print, on the auxiliary business the Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry, is planning.
2014My company was chosen as the excellent small businesses 300 companies from the Ministry of Economy

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233-10,nishisangao,Nodacity,Chibapref., 278-0015,Japan

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233-10,nishisangao,Nodacity,Chibapref., 278-0015,Japan