Mitsui electric Co.,Ltd. incorporated company (henceforth   our company) strives for protection of the personal information which our company holds, and deals with it according to a privacy policy. 

The purpose of using personal information

About the personal information offered from the visitor, our company is use within the limits which we announce to a visitor, and uses.

  1. Since information, sale, and service of handling goods of our company are provided
  2. For investigation concerning superiors for product development and services of handling goods of our company
  3. In order to reply to the question, opinion, and demand brought near by the visitor
  4. In order to perform information services (a new product, a show, etc.) to a visitor
  5. In order to aim at formation of dealings with a visitor

Offer to the third party of personal information

Our company has provided the third party with a visitor's personal information.
However, it is not this limitation when there is a just reason. 

Observance of a statute and a norm

Our company observes the statute and norm relevant to personal information. 

Management of personal information

When dealing with personal information, a suitable and rational measure is taken and it strives for accuracy and newest nature. 


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