• Own company original motor. This is our pride!
All the motors of the spin mixture series use a design / the motor which I produced in own company. Our motor which I make use of longtime technology / experience and finished still plays an active part in the front line without spin mixture production changing form from the first. This technical cause that I cultivated, the spin mixture were born.

  • The exclusive attachment is substantial, too. 

In there being many people who are anxious about capacity because it is a desk model? Therefore we prepare the attachment which fitted various throughput to 50ml - 1,000ml. In addition, I can facilitate the exchange of the attachment, too. Of course I can perform the sterilization, too. It is a variation of the result that listened to the voice of the visitor.

An article introduction SPIN Mix SX08

I offer SX08 which is the origin of this spin mixture at a very reasonable price.
Of course I have the functions such as the safe function or timer. At first I recommend it to a person.
It is used for food inspection / bacteria inspection and plays an active part elsewhere in various fields.


This nothing which I made to wipe out a concept that "the dispersion machine was vulnerable to high viscosity."The main body size was just similar and I powered up a motor to 250W and came true. Of course I designed the motor in us and produced it.I was suitable for disposal of dye or oil, and, as for the sample of the high viscosity, the processing in the short time was enabled.


A motor: 250W / best number of revolutions: 15,000rpm
A timer: 30 minutes / control system: A thyristor control
                                                                             power supply: AC100V50/60W6A
Dimensions: W250 X D250 X H420 / weight: About 8kg


I am interested in Kon Tami. An organic solvent is not usable. A visitor gave such a voice to me, and we met a demand.
This SX10 was equipped with a high frequency motor and lost Kon Tami and supported a volatile expensive sample, and stability of the torque increased than the other spin mixture series by having changed a control method in inverter system again. Of course the use of the condition can perform it easily, too.
I am suitable for environment disliking Kon Tami such as the trial manufacture of trial manufacture / the food of the medicine.


A motor: 150W / best number of revolutions: 18,000rpm
A timer: 1-60 minutes / consecutive /
               control systems: An inverter control /power supply: AC100V50/60W5A
Dimensions: H250 X D250 X H413 / weight: About 9kg

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