It is the machine which took in the performance for which you are asking taking advantage of experience which has continued making ultrasonic homogenization for years.

Feature (1)    Loading of various auto tuning functions

A processing result does not change depending on how to already use a user.
Tuning operation pushes a switch once and is completed.
It can always treat with ultrasonic waves in the highest state.
And while it processes, it continues.
Also during operation, it tunes up automatically and equipment also performs an electric power setup automatically.
Ultrasonic homogenization said to be easy became easy in the true meaning.

Feature (2)    Realization of extensive processing

"Ultrasonic homogenization does not have reproducibility"... Though regrettable, it is the often heard language.
Therefore, this equipment made it possible to see various signal data by a display and an external output.
If PC is connected outside, graph-ization of the list display and variation per hour of various data will be performed.
Furthermore, preservation of an equipment setting detail can also be performed.
Moreover, it can experiment on the same conditions as yesterday today also.


It is the ultrasonic wave Homogenizer for production which enabled a lot of processing.A lot of processing is realized by increasing the number(2-10) of converters.Since the type of explosion proof is also prepared, of course, manufacture is possible by various specifications.
For example, the equipment which works without carrying out a maintenance for about 10,000 hours (one years or more), if equipment is made combining a ceramic chip and a ceramic holder can be made.
That of the ultrasonic wave Homogenizer and handiness are equipment whose imitation is impossible for others.

"Ultrasonic homogenization does not have reproducibility"... Though regrettable, it is the often heard language.

"extensive processing by ultrasonic homogenization" -- Although it was the demerit in supersonic treatment conventionally - -Please leave it to our company!

UX SERIES considered scale-up and carried out the equipment design.
Taking advantage of various distributed experiences which we have, extensive processing of a high is certainly realized.

The liquid which processes between the tip of the chip designed very small and the portions of the bottom in a continuation holder passes, and it discharges outside.

A liquid is the bottom of the tip of the chip equipped with the distributed highest result.It passes Moreover, as a result of being very good power disperse, it comes out.
Since vibration of an always strong ultrasonic wave arises, the inside of a holder is washable, if cleaning fluid is poured out and an ultrasonic wave vibrates.
Only a chip becomes a consumable part for ultrasonic homogenizer.
Then, if a ceramic chip is used at the tip of a chip, a hour of use will turn into about 10,000 hours.
Exchange of parts is not for about one year.
Furthermore, since the wash is still easier, washing is a very easy machine. 

The example of a product

The ultrasonic wave Homogenizer of 3 continuation   UX-600R-Model-3

The supersonic vibration unit of 600W is attached to three continuation holders.
The supersonic treatment portion is carrying out correspondence of explosion proof to compensate for use in solvent area.
Since a control panel serves as outside installation in the case of this equipment, the box for the outdoors is used.

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