Vacuum mixer:HV-030


It is the agitator for research which enabled churning of small capacity, emulsification, distribution, and mixture, maintaining the inside of churning glassware at a vacuum.
A maximum of 15000 rpm and a low-speed churning part are made as for the agitating motor to double jacket structure so that the scraper of a container wall side is rotated at a maximum of 100 rpm, it may scratch with convection-current churning, 取り can be performed simultaneously and cooling of a sample can also be performed.


High speed Mixing :750W High speed Induction motor Low speed Mixing:40W Induction motor with reduction gears
Revolution:Maximum15000rpm(High speed)
Maximum 95rpm(Low speed)
Degree of vacuum:40Torr or less
Temperature :5~90℃


It is used for distribution of distribution of a fuel cell catalyst, a larger capacity capacitor, and the catalyst for separators, distribution of carbon, etc. as a use track record.

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